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Executive Search

Headhunt Services

Our main services that focus on searching and profiling highly qualified candidates for executives and specialist.

We adopts a systematic approach by conducting direct searches into relevant companies to identify potential candidates who possess the relevant experience, ...

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Talent Research Mapping

Transforming Reactive to Proactive Recruitment

Our services to identify top talents and potential individuals within your target companies as well as mapping a specific team or division, and build a talent pipeline or pool for your future recruitment, ...

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Deployment Service

Find New Opportunity, Be More Productive

Our unique services for less productive employees in your organization. we will deploy our services to find a suitable placement for them, in undisclosed process . Thus providing a win-win situation for both ...

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- Work on Success fee - Competitive Rate - 3 Month Guarantee

Talent Pool and Industry Mapping

Our Highly Qualified Talent Pool keep building up and mapped out to key players in the industries

Experienced Recruiters/Researcher/SME

With Deep Understanding of Local Talent Pools and Key Players

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